Throat Chakra Crystal Kit


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Throat Chakra Crystal Kit
Throat Chakra Crystal Kit
Throat Chakra Crystal Kit


Throat Chakra Crystal Set. A wonderful healing stone gift for the awesome crystal lover in your life, or yourself. 

"I express my emotions freely and respectfully."

Throat Chakra Gift Set includes:
1 Tumbled Blue Quartz
1 Tumbled Blue Chalcedony
1 Tumbled Aquamarine
1 Tumbled Amazonite

Stones are kept safe in their own individual cubby.


- Blue Quartz -
Brings relaxation, Promotes peaceful resolution, Enhances organizational abilities and self-discipline.

- Blue Chalcedony -
Promotes good dreams, Created Balance, Reduces negative emotions, Increases intuition.

- Aquamarine -
Provides courage, Offers protection, Promotes safe travel, Helps with phobias, Lessens anxiety and fear.

- Amazonite -
Protects against electromagnetic energies, Calms and soothes, Promotes peace, Increases emotional balance.


The Sanskrit Name: Vishuddha
Meaning: Purification
Location: Centrally, at the base of neck
Symbol: Lotus with 16 petals, containing a downward-pointing triangle within which is a circle representing the full moon.
Associated Colors: Blue
Element: Ether
Ruling Planet: Mercury


- I am starting to speak up for myself
- What I have to say is worthy of being listened to.
- I listen to and acknowledge the needs and wants of others.
- My voice is becoming stronger and more compelling.

Spreading positive energies
Each crystal that leaves our office is cleansed and charged with positive and loving vibrations. From our hands to yours, we share a special connection with each other, Mother Earth, and the higher Divine. Love & Light!

Throat Chakra Crystal Kit
Throat Chakra Crystal Kit
Throat Chakra Crystal Kit

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