Ruby in Zoisite Pocket Stone


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"I am deserving and will make the strides to get what I want and need."


The healing properties of ruby zoisite not just connect with your crown chakra in cleansing the mind of any negativity, it’ll also re-energize the spirit with the passion that ruby has. Remember, ruby is a greatly simulating gemstone, popular to aid in driving you towards all your goals with a fierce conviction. The healing properties ruby may rouse an excellent motivation and confidence in you, which might blast all the negativities you have. On the other hand, zoisite may act to ground you with their earthly energy. This is essential in ensuring that you do not get too inspired with a flush of energy, which you lose focus on and are not able to concentrate on a certain thing.
This stone is recommendable for those who are on their spiritual journey. In fact, it’ll have the energy that you need in bringing equilibrium into the soul. When the feminine and masculine energies are harmoniously working you’ll be able to see what the road ahead of you will look like.

Origin: India

Size: (1")   *All sizes are approximate."

Color: Green and black with some chunks of ruby.  Colors and patterns vary

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