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Especially in Old World witchcraft, Rosemary is burned to purify a room or ritual space before magickal workings.  Burn Rosemary to drive the staleness from a home after a long and lingering illness.  Rosemary is useful for all spells to accelerate learning in school or work. Sniff a sprig of Rosemary while studying to improve your performance on an exam.

Cleanse and consecrate athames, wands, and crystals with Rosemary. (Frankincense oil is traditional for this purpose, but Rosemary may be a better choice for the Green witch.)

A Rosemary ritual bath or “tub tea” is said to remove worries and invigorate the spirit. You can also drink Rosemary tea for this purpose, but the taste is quite bitter.

A Rosemary bush in the garden is supposed to attract elves and repel thieves.

Rosemary Metaphysical Properties
Uses: Cleansing / Strength / Protection
Ruling Planets: Sun
Element: Fire
2 oz (56.69 g)

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