Peace & Serenity Crystal Kit


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Peace & Serenity Crystal Kit
Peace & Serenity Crystal Kit



1 Raw Celestite

1 Tumbled Moonstone

1 Tumbled Angelite

1 Tumbled Fluorite

1 Information Card

1 Blue Organza Bag


CELESTITE facilitates helpful communication in a calm and peaceful manner.  It helps calm a racing mind, making it the perfect stone for your bedside if you have sleeping troubles.

MOONSTONE promotes balance and helps cool down emotions and tension.  Moonstone brings about feelings on inner peace and helps you sort any overwhelming feelings of doubt.

ANGELITE can quickly sooth overwhelming emotions with its gentle vibrations making it beneficial for those with anxiety and depression.

FLUORITE helps you find your balance and reduce stress. It's a stabilizing stone the promotes mental clarity, which is great for those that have trouble grounding their thoughts.

Peace & Serenity Crystal Kit
Peace & Serenity Crystal Kit

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