Crown Chakra Crystal Kit


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Crown Chakra Crystal Kit
Crown Chakra Crystal Kit
Crown Chakra Crystal Kit


A wonderful healing stone gift for the awesome crystal lover in your life, or yourself. 

"The universe fills me with love, wisdom, and appriciation."

Crown Chakra Gift Set includes:
1 Tumbled Amethyst
1 Tumbled Clear Quartz
1 Tumbled Rainbow Moonstone
1 Tumbled Lepidolite

Stones are kept safe in their own individual cubby.


- Amethyst -
Enhances Intuition and inner sight, Supports sobriety, Promotes restful sleep, Enhances spirituality.

- Clear Quartz -
Amplifies energies, Cleanses spaces and other crystals, Works as a master healer, Provides Protection.

- Rainbow Moonstone -
Enhances feminine energies, Promotes vivid dreaming, Holds energies of the moon.

- Lepidolite -
Relieves stress, Promotes calmness, Improves meditation, Awakens insight, Connects you to the Divine.


The Sanskrit Name: Sahasrara
Meaning: Thousandfold
Location: Top/Crown of Head
Symbol: The 1000 Petalled Lotus Flower
Associated Colors: Violet, Gold, and White
Element: Thought, Cosmic Energies
Ruling Planet: Uranus


- I tune into the union of my higher power
- I am starting to accept myself as I am, with love and gratitude.
- I cease to limit myself intellectually and in my creativity to connect my spirit to the course of all knowledge.
- I am a unique, radiant, loving being.

Spreading positive energies
Each crystal that leaves our office is cleansed and charged with positive and loving vibrations. From our hands to yours, we share a special connection with each other, Mother Earth, and the higher Divine. Love & Light!

Crown Chakra Crystal Kit
Crown Chakra Crystal Kit
Crown Chakra Crystal Kit

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