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Comfrey is a healing herb which is also particularly good at protecting travelers. Carry it on your person to ensure your personal safety while traveling. 

Harness the magickal properties of comfrey by making a charm in order to safeguard yourself or your home from theft. The addition of cactus spines makes for a particularly powerful charm. 

If you enjoy gambling occasionally putting the money you intend to use to gamble into a bag with comfrey leaves will increase your luck.

Use comfrey and mugwort during divination. Anoint a candle with oil and then roll the candle in a mixture of dried comfrey and mugwort to burn while you are divining.  

Comfrey Metaphysical Properties
Travel / Healing /  Money / Abundance / Luck / Protection / Divination / Setting Boundaries
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Element: Water
.7 oz 

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