Ocean Jasper Pocket Stone


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"I have a strong connection with the Moon and tides."


Ocean Jasper draws its meaning and significance from the sea, and the element of water, with which it is associated.  Sometimes called the Atlantis Stone, Ocean Jasper is believed to originate from this ancient submerged continent, and may even hold the mysteries of its power in its structure.

The appearance and energy of Ocean Jasper are associated with the activity of the ocean, and the slow and rhythmic patterns of the tides and waves.  Ocean Jasper reminds us to live with an open heart and a peaceful mind, open to the flow of Universal energies.

Ocean Jasper is the perfect crystal to add to your collection of sacred gemstones to keep your life on track and your energy grounded.  The grounding energy of Ocean Jasper ensures that we live in balance and gratitude, attracting prosperity and wealth and a flow of abundance into our lives.

Origin: Madagascar

Size: (1.25")   *All sizes are approximate."

Color: Greens, Ivory, Blues, Light pink hues.  Colors will vary.

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