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Tingsha bells are comprised of two small cymbals; usually 2.5 to 4 inches in diameter, joined together by leather strap or sometimes, chain. These bells are often used by Tibetan Buddhist practitioners in their prayers and in rituals. When struck, these Tingsha bells produce a special tone, which is why they are used in space clearing and energy balancing.

How to Use Tingsha Bells

Simply hang the tingsha bells by the leather cord, one in each hand, and then strike them together.

Uses of Tingsha Bells

Space Clearing

One of the most popular, and believed to be the most effective use of Tingsha bells is the space clearing.
When tapped, the cymbals resonate a unique, identical bell sound that provides a pure, cleansing effect. The sound is believed to clear low vibrational energy – even the negative ones.
Reasons for Space Clearing
Space clearing is done for a variety of reasons. Some are few of the following:
  • Moving to new houses or workspaces.It is believed that the place still carries old, negative energy residues from the previous occupants. In order to start anew, space clearing is necessary to drive away all remaining negative energies.
  • After experiencing an illness. Clearing spaces after experiencing an illness will help your household/area to feel more refreshed. Prior to doing so, make sure to thoroughly clean the area, wash all bedding and open all windows.
  • After someone has died. Space clearing after someone has died will help remove all negative emotional residues in the place.


Other than space clearing, Tingsha bells are used for toning.
Toning is a traditional therapeutic technique used to relieve mental stress and achieve healing. The toning process uses sound, this case, the bell sound, to release blockers in the body and to promote natural flow of energy.
Reasons for Toning
Toning offers therapeutic effects in the body that is why many people who are into alternative medicine conduct the practice. The following are some of the reasons why you should also try toning:
  • Difficulty in concentration and meditation
  • Pursue higher levels of awareness
  • Difficulty in breathing or if breathing appears to be constantly shallow
  • Undergoing stress, depression and grief
  • Lack of confidence, positivity and zest
  • Difficulty in focus and concentration
Toning can help alleviate all the difficulties mentioned above. In addition, it also offers immediate therapeutic relief and alleviates stress in almost any circumstance.

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